22 Oct 2019
No dolphin day!

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With an early start we were all very excited to see the dolphins. The bus was full of dolphin talk then we got there and missed it. Due to being annoyed we took mug shots of the teachers. Although we did get to go shopping instead which was very cultural visiting marks and Spencer’s and topshop. Mrs Davey was very kind and bought us all an ice cream. Going through border control without them checking our passports we had a nice wait in the sunshine. After lunch we had our first netball training session, where we learnt new skills that we can apply in tomorrow’s match. In the night time games we had lots of fun playing heads up, charades, articulate and challenges without our thumbs, it was all extremely funny. Overall, after a disappointing start we did have a great time. After all the games, points so far are...purple team are in the lead with 41 points, followed by joint blue and green on 34 points and last is red with 24 points... bring on tomorrow’s dolphin safari and netball tournament. A busy day ahead but we are sure the purple team will remain in the lead of the tour points!