21 Oct 2019
Monkeying Around!!

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Today started off with an early wake up! We traveled to Gibraltar on the coach and went on a cable car ride up the top of the rock(it was huge). We were visited by lots of monkeys, big, small, friendly and not so friendly ones! Peoples sweets were stolen and they were constantly eyeing up our bags! Shortly after we went to lunch and ordered 10 mega pizzas🍕! We could have fed the whole of Gibraltar, all the monkeys and still have spare! At least we know what our meals will be for the rest of the week! After our feast we made our way to un polideportivo!(point for Poppy’s team for her Spanish please, or dos✌🏻!!!)

We played Priory Park, winning almost every match! What a great experience and outcome! We had a mix of teams with some teams ranging from year 9 to year 13!

Tonight we are having dinner and then having some fun games!

Written by Team Barham x