20 Oct 2019
We have arrived at the hotel and are settling in.

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After a very long journey, the girls are happy to have time to settle into their rooms.

Most tour members did manage to get some shut eye on the plane or the buses. We had 2 speakers on the bus and are currently having a sing off from the back of the bus to the front. Miss Barham was leading the way with 80’s hits with ‘wake me up before you go go’ being the current favourite.

We have just had a tour of the hotel, which is fantastic and all have settled into their rooms. Some girls are having a snooze, while other have hit the pool or gym already.

Leading the the way on the tour competition is Miss Davey’s green group, with Jess showing fantastic hotel etiquette and reading the information about opening times and not just the WiFi code!

Tomorrow Miss Barham’s group is on duty and will be blogging about the activities and games.